SNUGMAX Portable Power Station Vickers 350

Here’s a cost-effective portable power station that lets you run your devices like drones, laptops, cameras and more. The SnugMax portable power station Vickers 350 is a battery powered generator that can be used to power up everyday devices anywhere you go, whether you are a homeowner, traveler or camper.

With a large power capacity of 296Wh, the SnugMax 350W portable power station is capable of providing you with enough power for multiple use. With two built-in 110V AC ports, 2 DC output ports, 1 DC input port, 2 USB ports, and 1 Type-C port. In addition to that, there is a car charging port and wireless charging area.

The SnugMax Portable Power Station Vickers 350 is a very reliable and efficient generator that can be charged with either a 60W or 100W solar panel. The power station also can be recharged via being plugged into a wall outlet. And lastly, you can recharge this power station via a car charger.

This portable power station utilizes pure sine wave inverter that works faster and delivers a much quieter noise, all while keeping the power current stable. The built-in battery management system protects the SnugMax Portable Power Station Vickers 350 against overvoltage, over-current and overheating so that the devices stay protected and extends the battery’s lifespan.

If you are looking for a portable generator that doesn’t cost too much money and will run for a long time using the free energy that it gets from the solar. Then the SnugMax Portable Power Station Vickers 350 is the right pick for you. Though the homeowners might want to explore gas powered generators such as Generac GP2500i Inverter as they deliver much more power and is fuel-efficient.

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