SnugMax Portable Power Station Vickers 200

Getting a battery powered portable power station doesn’t have to be that expensive. Introducing the SnugMax portable power station Vickers 200, an affordable generator that runs on both battery and solar energy. It is the perfect choice for any homeowners, travelers and campers who needs additional source of power to run the devices and appliances.

The SnugMax portable power station Vickers 200 is capable of providing a stable power to various devices like laptops, smartphones, cameras, drones and more. Unlike other portable generators, the Vickers 200 features an ultra-fast charging methods that can be done via plugging to a wall outlet, using a solar panel and via car charging.

This portable power station features an upgraded LCD display panel that gives you a clear understanding of the details, input and output watts as well as battery level, charging status and so on. The SnugMax portable power station Vickers 200 comes with a sensitive touch screen button that delivers a better user experience whenever it is not in use.

You will not have to worry about defects or damage at all because this portable battery powered station weights only 4.6 lbs and have a compact appearance that comes with a one-year warranty. It is the perfect choice for travel companion and outdoor enthusiasts. Wherever you go, this portable power station is reliable and comes packed with a 222W lithium-ion battery pack. It’s the perfect clean power for anyone who is green energy conscious!

Alternatively, homeowners who is looking for a portable power station that can power up their homes and run even larger number of appliances might want to explore these gas powered generators such as the Generac GP2500i Inverter. Let us know if you have any questions about the SnugMax portable power station Vickers 200 in the comment section below.

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