ROCKPALS Portable Power Station 300W

The RockPals portable power station 300W is an affordable battery powered generator that delivers plenty of power to multiple devices at the same time. If you are looking for a portable power station that is reliable, lightweight and packed with long battery lifespan. Then look no further because the RockPals portable power station 300W is the right pick for you.

This compact portable power station comes with enough power to charge iPhone 12 up to 29 times, iPad Mini up to 14 times, a MacBook up to 6 times. When it comes to running small appliances, the RockPals portable power station can keep a mini refrigerator operational for around 6 hours as well as other home appliances for several hours.

The RockPals portable power station 300W is outfitted with multi-function outputs to accommodate a much wider devices in order to charge them effectively. Equipped with quick-charging technology, the RockPals 300W portable power station charges around 40% faster than these average battery powered generators. Which makes this power station an ideal choice for camping and traveling.

In addition to that, this portable compact power station comes with built-in battery management system that tracks and improves battery utilization which allows it to run for much longer. The BMS feature also protects the generator against overloading, overcurrent, overvoltage and overheating. Thanks to pure sine wave technology that helps the RockPals portable power station 300W bring battery to your device in a safe, fast and quiet way.

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