Holy Stone HS340 Mini Drone

Holy Stone just launched a brand new mini drone for beginners and kids. Introducing Holy Stone HS340 mini drone, a little bird that falls in affordable price range. If you are looking for a drone that is easy to learn how to fly and is backed by a brand that has earned stellar reputation over the years. The Holy Stone HS340 mini drone is just the perfect pick.

This mini drone comes with ton of fun modes to choose from like throw-to-go, perform a circle fly and even rotate at high speed. Plus, you can impress your audience by commanding the Holy Stone HS340 mini drone to perform aerial flips while big drones like Tomzon D40 GPS drone and Contixo F35 can’t even do that.

One of the main advantage that the Holy Stone HS340 drone has to offer is smart control. Simply put, you control the drone via the app and give a simple voice phrases such as take-off and landing. The mini drone will follow your voice command. Furthermore, you can form handshapes like V or palm in front of the camera to tell the drone to take pictures or videos.

The Holy Stone HS340 mini drone is equipped with an advanced image processor and a 720P camera that capture good quality footage. Inside the package comes with two batteries that gives up to a total 20 minutes of flight time. The build and design quality of the HS340 mini drone is durable, sturdy enough to withstand rough impacts.

Overall, the Holy Stone HS340 mini drone is a very good pick for beginners and kids. Awesome for gifts or even to indulge yourself in some recreational activities. Alternatively, you can explore our drones section to check out what other drones we recommend on Gadgets Fox. If you have any questions about the Holy Stone HS340 mini drone, let us know in the comment section below. Happy flying!

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