Anker Portable Power Station Powerhouse II 800

Meet the world’s best portable power station, Anker portable power station Powerhouse II 800. If you are looking for a portable power generator that runs on clean energy, then look no further because this is the perfect power station to charge your everyday devices such as drones, laptops, cameras and more. Whether you are a homeowner, traveler or camper, it is essential to have a reliable power station such as the Anker portable power station Powerhouse II 800.

This power station comes with a massive cell capacity that delivers up to an impressive 777 watt-hours. Compared to these entry-level battery powered generators, SnugMax Vickers 200 and SnugMax Vickers 350, the Anker is a powerful charging station that is capable of serving the role as a reliable emergency backup or simply as a handy travel companion.

The Anker Powerhouse II 800 is outfitted with 2 AC outlets, 2 USB-C ports, 4 USB-A ports, 1 vehicle-class outlet, and 2 DC outlets. Which makes this power station a fully compatible power generator that works with every single devices. In addition to that, the Powerhouse II 800 is strong enough to power every small appliance at optimal level as well as charge them fast enough with zero interference. For instance, it can recharge your MacBook Air to 50% in approximately 40 minutes.

One of the main advantage that the Anker Powerhouse II 800 have is the fast recharging ability. This power station can recharge in 5 hours with both DC and USB-C inputs that allows an impressive 240W power flow. Furthermore, this generator have multiple charging methods and can be recharged via solar energy, wall outlet or even from your car.

If having a portable power station that is flexible and packs enough power to run your tools and devices is important. Then you should buy the Anker Powerhouse II 800. However for homeowners who wants to be able to run their home and larger appliance should explore our recommended gas powered portable generators to see what your options are. We highly recommend buying the Anker Powerhouse II 800 power station.

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