4DRC V8 Mini Drone

Are you looking for a simple, affordable fun toy drone to soar around? Meet the 4DRC V8 mini drone. This little bird is one of the most smart mini drone carefully crafted for beginners and kids. If you have never flown a drone before and want one that is easy enough to learn, then the 4DRC V8 mini drone is definitely the right pick.

This quadcopter is equipped with smart control that allows you to command it via hand motion. In addition to that, you can fly the 4DRC V8 mini drone with the remote controller for a full-range flight experience. The drone comes with five built-in sensor that automatically detect obstacles in its range for a smooth and safe flight experience.

Inside the package comes with three batteries. Each battery provides between 7 to 9 minutes of flight time and have fast USB charging time. Flying the 4DRC V8 mini drone is incredible easy enough for beginners because it is equipped with automatic hover. Which means it maintains a steady height level regardless of the landscape to ensure a smooth flight controls. The headless mode is also a great feature that eliminates flying based on the direction that the drone faces at.

Whether you are looking for a mini drone to get started with or a great gift to give to your kids and friends. The 4DRC V8 mini drone is an excellent choice thanks to long flight time, good flight performance and overall an affordable price tag. Alternatively, you can explore our drone section and find out what the big drones we recommend such as Holy Stone HS700E, Tomzon D40 GPS drone and Contixo F35 for instance.

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